“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God.

I will strengthen you.  I will help you. I will uphold you...”

Isaiah 41:10


 We are indeed living in challenging and changing times. Our nation is dealing with a deadly world virus pandemic. We have a presidential agenda that seeks to wean our monetary structure from that of a failing world banking system to a secure national bank. We have a society that seeks a renewed justice system that operates in honesty, integrity, and truth. We are being given untrustworthy news from politically influenced outlets. We are dealing with a fluctuating economy that is experiencing extreme stock market gains and losses on a daily basis. We are dealing with social distancing. We are experiencing mandated business closings, worker layoffs, and shortages of household goods.

 In all of this, we ask is there no hope? Is there no help? Is there no comfort? The doomsayers say, “Definitely not!”;  the glass is half empty people say, “Probably not.”; the glass is half full people say, “Think positive. I sure hope so.”; and the faithful in Christ say, “When I am afraid, I will trust in the Lord.”

 When you get right down to it, the greatest need in this tumbling world is finding true peace. Peace is not a commodity to be had; but is a relationship to be enjoyed. And God gave the earth a supply of peace that would last a lifetime and forever – a relationship with His Son Jesus Christ – the Prince of Peace.  Christian peace is not the absence of troubles. It is a peace that is unshakeable even in the midst of troubles. During difficult times, Christians are called to remember the living God who works out all things for good for those who love Him. If we set our heart on anything besides God, we can lose our peace. But if our greatest love is the unchanging God, then our peace can never be taken from us.

 Did you know that down beneath the ocean’s surface that is agitated with storms, and driven about with high winds, the bottom of the sea is never stirred. Likewise, the peace of God is that internal calm which lies deep within the believer’s soul that needs not be rattled by external disturbances.

 I love to drive down a newly paved smooth highway on a clear, bright, sunny day. One that allows me to crank the car engine to the speed limit; one that is flowing with manageable traffic; and one that has no road obstructions. Those times a few and far between, because we live in a world of road construction, traffic jams, accidents, potholes, detours, and road closures. So, to keep my sanity while driving, true peace must come not from the absence of external obstacles in my life, but from a communion of Divine rest that resides within my inner soul. This is where true comfort rescues me from the affects of life’s maladies.

 The Bible teaches that God’s people are not to be captured by fear. Nor are they to live in dismay, which means to go around living in anxiety. We all struggle with many fears, worries and anxiety. If we are not careful they can grip, control, and strangle us, our relationships, and the ones we love. We worry about what people with think. We worry about injuries. We worry about long-term effects of situations. We worry about paying bills. We worry about getting bills. We worry about getting sick. We worry about dying. We worry about the weather. We worry about our plans not turning out the way we hope. We worry about traffic. We worry about mistakes we make. We worry about our bosses and coworkers. We worry about our kids. We worry about grades. We worry about making mistakes. We worry about our homes. We worry about getting things done. We worry about not doing enough. We worry about being too busy! We worry about…worrying too much!

 Somewhere in all our thinking God has to figure into the equation! Fear is an attitude or perception we project on real or imaginary situations. It is rooted in insecurity, along with a sense of loss of power and anxiety.  God has hold of tomorrow. He is the One we should trust. He will take care of us. When fear tries to grip our soul, look to Jesus who is attentive to rescue us. Consider the stars in the sky; look up and wonder, can you count their number? When it is darkest they shine out the brightest. He who made all of this, and who holds all of this, holds you in His hands. Consider how the grace He has promised, always finds us. He who made all of this says, "You're worth more than this," as He holds you in His hands.

 The good news is that there is nothing that you and God cannot get through together! We can leave an unknown future in the hands of our all-knowing God, who still specializes in drawing straight lines with crooked sticks!