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A compliation of short inspirational writings to warm the soul and challeange the heart.

I invite you to turn off the electronic world around you for a few minutes, and sit down with me for short story. These are recollections of moral wisdom from a Christian perspective that I have garnered through life. They are pithy, challenging, and thought provoking. They are meant to be read and then discussed together with others. That is called “conversation.” We don’t do that much anymore either. We call that type of human interaction, “communication.” The oral tradition of most cultures was the beginning of communication and connection between peoples. Life was simple, duties clearer, and choices more responsible. Imagining the details of stories can again be the glue that holds the fabric of our families, friendships, and society together.

 So, come on! Grab a soda and a bag of chips, Sit down in your favorite comfy chair (remembering to move the dog so you don’t squish him), and lets go on a journey of the imagination together. Happy reading and happy imagining!

282 pages.     Price: $20.00 US

As the old saying goes, “Ignorance is a steep cliff having sharp rocks below!” Ignorance of the basic Christian truths found in Holy Scripture seems to have run rampant within the present movement of Christ’s Church. Evangelical and Ecumenical Christianity seem to be proliferate in ways to worship, administrate, and pray; but they lack grounding in the basic truths that have defined classic Christianity since the earliest birth cries of the Church.

It is true that we are saved by grace through faith only, but it is also true that to grow in Christ and to mature in our faith journey it is necessary to know both intellectually and with our heart what we believe. We live in an age of deception where erroneous and even heretic truth often masquerades as the light of truth. The Christian today, therefore, needs to be spiritually discerning as to what legitimate spirit-filled truth is. The just shall live by faith. Faith comes from believing the Word of God. That is where the value of the Apostle’s Creed is found. It serves as a candle in the window of our soul on a cold winter’s night that is filled with dangerous error. It carries with it the essentials found in our common faith.

Price: $13.95 US

Giddy-Up and his friends are imaginary characters made up from the whimsical mind of Carl. He would share them with his young children as bedtime stories. This story is about
a barnyard baseball game with Giddy-Up and his friends. Giddy-Up prays and God helps.

“The Amazing Adventures Of Giddy-Up The Imaginary Horse” are written with a young child’s educational welfare and family enjoyment in mind. Each story shares a positive point of view, along with a simple ethical message that can be easily understood. In this edition, the character traits of friendship, diversity, perseverance, and faith are presented. This book is for ages K and younger.

Price: $8.00 US

A collection of inspirational teachings to bring comfort to the soul.

Price: $12.00 US

Life sometimes can feel like a boxing match. In one corner of the ring, attitudes of hurt, bitterness and resentment can gang up to oppose us. The good news is that in our corner we are not alone. We have Jesus and He has an awesome knockout punch of forgiveness that will best anything the opposition can throw as us. The combination of Jesus Christ and forgiveness is the “Real Deal” when it comes to living the overcoming Christian life!

Price:$12.00 US

People need balance in their lives. Balance can be defined as the ability to move or to remain in a position without losing control or falling. People need to know how to live a balanced life in an unbalanced world. In this writing, I liken spiritual balance to a dance – a dance of Eternal Life. It is only in partnering in this dance with Jesus Christ, who takes the lead, that we can attain Godly balance in an ungodly world.

Price: $12.00 US

The purpose of this book is to remind the reader of their Divine Call to boldly defend the time-tested truths found in the Bible. It is upon the solid rock of Scriptural confessions that generations of faith-filled believers have safely built their spiritual homes. Those who have not, and do not, risk spiritual devastation when the realities of life hit, both temporal and eternal.

Price: $12.00 US

It is the nature of God to be holy. And God invites each of His children to live in “holiness” before Him. To live this holy life before Almighty God requires that we first embrace His views on Biblical morality, which are clearly presented to us in Holy Scripture.

Price: $12.00 US