May. 17, 2021




“Hope deferred makes the heart sick,

but when the desire comes it is the tree of life.”

Proverbs 13:12


 According to recent mental health studies, the age we are living in is classified as the “age of anxiety.”

 Anxiety is a fear that is promoted when a person feels frustrated because they are losing control of their environment – health issues, mortality, interpersonal issues, state of the economy, political warfare, race relations, financial stress, and the such.

 Fear is a snare. Fear leads to frustration. Frustration leads to a sense of losing control. A fear of losing control causes anxiety. Anxiety causes depression, apprehension, dread, uneasiness, criticalness, and unhappiness. All of these symptoms can lead to a mental and spiritual paralysis.

 Thank God for Christians there is an antidote for such a disease of the soul – it is called faith in Jesus Christ.  I have learned in over 50 years of walking with my Lord that there is nothing God and I cannot get through together!”

 The question is do you believe this? Do you? Do you really? Such an assurance gets formed only within the crucible of difficult situations. When difficult situations arise – and they will because we live in a fallen world – Christ desires for us to not strive, or just survive, but to thrive!

 Do you want more and more of God’s kindness and peace evidenced in your life? Then, I suggest that you get to know Him better. Sometimes in life’s situations, as we compare our problems to our own resources, our fears try to convince us that we are hopelessly on our own to face them.  But in comparing God to our problems, Christians need to realize that He is greater than any problem we face. That is called blessed assurance.

 As you get to know Him better, He will give you through His great power, everything you  need for living a truly good life. To know someone better means to share life conversation and experiences together. Through a relationship with Jesus Christ, God wants to show us His kindness, forgiveness of sin, and manifest blessings. The result is that we can experience a sense of peace in our soul. This means that we need not fear our future, our present situation or our past; as we realize that God is with us.

 When I first moved to Southern Illinois almost three decades ago,  from New York State, I was introduced with some local slang that I had never heard before. One particular word that I had to deal with was the word “tump.”  After asking many questions, I found out that the word “tump” meant to “tip over” and was a derivation of the words “tumbled” and “dumped”. In other words if I “tumped” a canoe it meant that I flipped it over. Or, if I unloaded a full wheelbarrow, I was “tumping” it over.

 So, what are you to do when fear confronts you? The answer is to “tump” it over from your heart. Allow our gracious Christ to help you walk in confidence, and peace in this anxious world.

 The good news is that Jesus invites us to come to Him where we will find rest for our weary soul. Today, you too can "tump" over the cup of anxiety in your heart and fill it afresh with Christ’s faith, hope and love.