Apr. 16, 2021

Billiard Blues



“Let everything that has breath, praise the LORD. Praise the LORD.”

Psalm 150:6

 Sometimes life is like racked billiard balls. Just when you feel that you finally have it together, out of the blue – “Wham!” We get hit, all our plans and relationships are scattered, and then to top it off the cue ball tracks us down to pick off our remaining places of peace one by one. But then what did you expect living on a pool table? We live in a fallen world, so “billiard moments” will happen.

 You were made to praise the Lord. God has placed within each redeemed soul a remedy for the “billiard blues”. He has set a spiritual song of praise in your heart.  It is a Divine key to unlock the prison doors of worry, fear, confusion, and hopelessness that capture your soul. Praising the Lord causes you to transcend your circumstance and rest in the love of your great God. Your life is to be a song to the glory of God. You are the trumpet of Jesus proclaiming His grace to all.

 What are you praising when trouble troubles you? What you magnify gets you.  When captured by circumstances what do you do? Grumble or sing? Are you a whiner or a winner?  Praise recalibrates and refreshes your spirit. God works best for those who leave the details to Him. He is the God of infinite possibilities. If you're feeling depressed, praise the Lord!                    When you do, you will find peace in the storm, and joyful hope for tomorrow. Singing praise is like placing sandbags to stem the raging floodwaters of emotion that can overwhelm your soul. In prayer, you tell God how big your problems are; in praise you tell your problems how big your God is!

 There are two realms in which praise plays a part in your life. He will either deliver you out of the trial, or grant you His grace to endure it. Either way God is glorified. When “stuff happens” you can look from your discouragement to the God who is your refuge and strength in all things.

 That’s what Paul and Silas did in Acts  16:16-26.  Talk about a bad day!  Paul & Silas were in the dark damp prison because they had cast an evil spirit out of a slave girl who was daily harassing them. Her owners lost money from her fortune telling, so they accused them of destroying their business and ruining her as their property.  They were taken prisoner and dragged by horses through the city streets. Their backs were torn open because of the sting of the whips.  Their hands and feet were chained, and they could hear the scramble of rats scurrying across the dark prison floor. At midnight Paul lifted his head and asked, "SiIas, are you there?" Silas answered, "Yes, I'm here.” Paul replied, "SiIas,  I feel a Hallelujah coming on!"  Silas answered, "OK, you start and I'll join in." So together they began to sing praises unto the Lord.  The sound of their rejoicing filled the dark cell, made its way out into the hall and through the roof and up into the outside air.

 It rose through the atmosphere, ionosphere, stratosphere and every other fear.  It made its way right up to the throne of God. God was sitting on His throne and leaned over to the angel Michael and said, "I hear a song." Michael said, "Lord, heaven is filled with song." But God leaned forward, put His hand to His ear and said, "This isn't just any song. I hear Paul and Silas singing a duet of praise.” God began tapping His foot. Down on earth the dungeon quakes and the shackles holding them are loosed. The Bible says heaven is God’s throne and earth His footstool. As God tapped His foot, the ground quaked in the prison below and Paul and Silas were freed!

 The good news is that when the “billiard blues” hit, you have a key to overcome them – by praising the wonder, powerful name of Jesus Christ! So sing loud! You will be glad you did.

 As always, see you next time and have a great day!