Feb. 21, 2021




“Let us come boldly to the throne of grace to obtain mercy

and find grace to help in our need.”

Hebrews 4:16


    God’s overwhelming love touches us where we live. God identifies with us. He accepts and responds to us. We can never go to him and accuse Him of not understanding us.

     We may say, we had it hard and were born in a rough part of town. He says, He was born in a stable, a truck stop, a camel stop. It was like a truck stop of today with hard, rough and cursing people. Camels were the trucks of their day. As a baby of two years old, He was traumatized. He escaped death by the skin of His teeth; had to leave home and live in a foreign land because a jealous king wanted to kill Him.

   He was raised in Nazareth. It was said nothing good came from Nazareth. It was a wild and rowdy place of continual rebellion which had a Roman garrison was located nearby.  Jesus grew up with slavery, prejudice, hatred, tyranny and injustice all around Him. The Romans exploited the Jews and the Jews had racial tensions with the Samaritans. He chose at 12 years old to be submitted to His parents even though He knew more than about God than they did.

   He was a businessman, a carpenter. He learned the trade from His earthly father Joseph. He who made wood had to learn how, as a human, to use and shape it.

     He learned what manual labor and long hours were like, He learned how to forgive the Romans, and customers. He learned what He was later going to teach. He learned how to be patient, gracious and serving to customers and vendors. He learned how to deal with the hassles of owning a business; how to be honest and have integrity and how to be skilled at what you do.  He had to deal with failure and success.

   He was used and abused by the Romans for they forced the Jews to carry their heavy packs for them. He just didn’t pull forgiveness from the air, He learned it by dealing with unlovable people. Then there is a long period between 12 and 30 years old. The next time the scriptures talk about Him, Jesus is 30 years old. What happened that was extraordinary during those 18 years of ambiguity? Perhaps nothing much.

  So it is with us - the same ordinary things happen in our lives. Routines, growth and other unimpressive and mundane things. Jesus faced the death of His earthly father Joseph and of His best friend Lazarus. He faced rejection by the multitudes, and His immediate family. His brothers and sisters did not believe on Him until after His death. In fact, they accused Him of losing His mind.

   He knew the responsibility of running a household after Joseph died. As elder child it was His responsibility to put bread on the table, to be the head of the house, to keep on the budget. He knew the anguish of following God’s will by leaving His carpenter shop and going to be baptized and starting a full time ministry.

  In the Garden of Gethsemane, He knew what it was like to struggle with decisions that He didn’t want to make. He faced Satan’s temptations in the wilderness. He knew what it was like to be tempted with every sinful desire that might cause Him to move out of the timing and will of His heavenly Father.

   The good news for us is that God in Jesus took all of that personal human experience into heaven with Him. He did not put it in some spiritual closet and say, “Whew, I am glad that is over! I will never need that again.” He sits at the right hand if God as the glorified Divine Human and rules the universe.

   As He does, the Bible says He intercedes before the Father for us. 

   That is love.

   He could forget how it feels to be human but He doesn’t.

   God’s love understands us.

   As always, have a great day and see you next time...