Jan. 14, 2021



"But you, O Lord, are a shield about me,

My glory, and the lifter of my head."

Psalm 3:3


 I preached a sermon recently entitled, “Where is God in all this mess?”  It is a human question that we all ask when our lives get messy. The answer to that question is that  God is right there in the midst of it with us to encourage us and see us through it.

 In other words, Jesus is the hope-bringer and lifter of our head.

 As a youth I was moody and when I would have a bad day I would pout. this action on my part frustrated my dad, but it would not deter his affection for me. He would take the time to come sit beside me and put his hand under my downturned chin, turning my head upwards to look at him. With a smile he would calmly ask, “What’s wrong son?”

 My dad was my safe place and my best friend. I could always share my heart with him, and he would never berate me. With his strong hand he would lift my dejected chin and gaze into my eyes with a love that resonated inside my soul.

 In that tender moment of identifying with my pain, he would make me feel better by crossing his eyes, and cracking a funny face. I’m telling you it always broke me up and I would burst out in a hilarious laugh.  You see, that little moment of laughter always broke the spell of my self-pity and liberated my soul to begin to smile too.

 He would share some tidbit of wisdom about my problem in a way that I could understand and that would make me feel better. Then we would then walk together to the kitchen to get one of mom’s cookies.

 My life was better because my dad cared enough to intervene in my misery. He infused his mercy in my mess, and in so doing I experienced his goodness.

 Friends, remember that is what Jesus does for us. In our mess, our moment of fluster, He comes to us and calms our fears. He grants us an experience with His grace that sets our upside down world right side up again.

 May our Lord bless you to a great new year! Be well. Be strong. And always be hopeful in Christ.

 As always, see you next time and have a great day...