Dec. 31, 2020




I (Jesus) tell you the truth. It is to expedient for you that I go away;

for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you;

but if I depart, I will send Him to you.”

John 16:7


 From Creation to the Second Coming of Christ, and all that is between, has been, is, and will be the work of the Holy Spirit - the gentle, but Almighty Power of God. Speaking of the Breath of God, Jesus told His followers that it  would be expedient – better for, or advantageous for – His disciples that He leave them and go to be with the Father.

  Now this must have puzzled the disciples, for they thought, “What could be better than Christ ‘with’ us?” Consider  that you are one of the chosen  twelve. You have left all, and spent years walking with Jesus, proclaiming in word and deed the Kingdom of God.  You have talked with Jesus,  touched Him and felt for yourself the comfort of His strong embrace. You have eaten with Him, listened to and marveled at  His teachings. You have been fortune enough to have witnessed blind eyes seeing again, deaf ears to hear again, lame bodies being made whole, the sick healed, and water turned to wine. You were there when He walked on the water, and fed multitudes with a boy’s meager lunch. Best of all you have sat across from Him at a campfire and gazed into the eyes of eternity.

 Jesus tells them that what is better than God “with” them is God “within” them! This is accomplished by surrendering to the gift that Jesus gives – that is the Comforter – the very Spirit of God Himself. The same Holy Spirit that created the universe, and created a miraculous conception in a 13 year old girl named Mary, would make possible this great new creation.

 We then, as Christians, should not be ignorant of the person of the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Triune, One Godhead. The secret to partnering with the Holy Spirit is to surrender to His guidance.  Every born again believer in Christ has been given an indwelling gift from Jesus - the Holy Spirit. All that is needed is for them to surrender to His presence, strength of character and holy activity.

 One would think that with the very power and presence of God residing in us, that Christ’s church would be a spiritual force to be reckoned with. But sadly, in some cases that just isn’t so. Tragically, many of God’s people have only a show of Godliness, and they lack the power to be like Christ.

 I call it  being “decaffeinated”. There is a form of decaffeinated Christianity in our culture and we buy into it more than we think. We go through the religious forms of what it means to be a Christian, but we lack the power to live it. Decaffeinated coffee may be good; I have to drink it at times myself, though I really don't like it.

 Decaffeinated coffee won't wake you up; it won't perk you up; it won't keep you up; it won't get you up; it's just there. It looks like coffee; it smells like coffee; it tastes like coffee; it just doesn't do for you on the inside what coffee ought to do. It is a coffee substitute. The fact is decaffeinated coffee just isn't real coffee – it’s a fake.

 Friends, we ought not to be fake Christians. Jesus is still the answer to the world today. It’s our privilege to share that good news with full Holy Spirit potency.

 What our crazy world needs today is some “Holy-Spirit-boldly-brewed-real-deal-Christians” who walk the talk.  Are you high octane or just acting?

 As always, see you next time and have a great day...