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Aug. 19, 2019




 “…To be spiritually minded is life and peace.”

Romans 6b


 How young do you think we were when we began to cover up our mistakes or to pretend that we didn’t need help or that every­thing was under our control?  This game of pretending, I am sure, started at an early age.

 Pretending is a good game for kids to play with each other, but it should not be our regular mode of operation as adults. Indulging is such falsities stymies openness and inhibits inner contentment.

 Ah, the bliss of not having to pretend.

 It must be wonderful.

 But it’s difficult to confess failure when we think everyone else is successful. How can we admit to weakness? Doesn’t doing so in a competitive society suggest failure? No wonder that we wear masks in hopes of covering up our sense of inadequacy. No,  it’s amazing that anyonefeels up to the job of being real at all.

 The options in life are few.

 We could become premeditated professional fakers – social fakers, spiritual fakers, moral fakers, political fakers, athletic fakers, and the such. A faker is one who smiles big on the outside while feeling small and awkward on the inside. Another option would be to live our life in a state of  “faker” denial where we avoid reality by not admitting we have any sense of need at all. The final option would be to deal with it with God’s help and to develop a grace perspective about how we perceive life and our place in it. The truth is we’re not even up to lifewithout God’s help.

 Hard times come to all and with a healthy grace perspective based upon the love of God, we can see beyond the difficulties unto better days to come. And in the meantime we no longer are compelled to don the puppet strings of others expectations that cause us to perform upon a stage of pretense.

 When all the props are ripped away we can endure life not because of our own strength, but because of God’s strength living “in” and “through” us. If we have no genuine sense of inadequacy, if we feel no need to drop the pretense, we’re either in wonderful wide-eyed spiri­tual shape, or we’re in “la-la-land” and have no idea which end is up. 

 Here’s the good news.

 God offers us a spiritual perspective that brings with it peace and life. All we need do is to receive it in our hearts. When we do, it’ll be enough for us to know that we are God’s, that we’re going home, and that in the meantime, we’re giv­ing life our best shot. We’ll be happy with who we are in God and no longer feel the need to pretend or to be a fake.

 Now, that you can take to the bank!

 As always, see you next time, and have a great day!