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Oct. 14, 2019



 “Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation”.

Matthew 26:41


 Binoculars are great inventions.

 They are extremely handy for looking at things far away.

 They help make far away small things that are hard to see look bigger.

 With their use, one can see things that would without them go unnoticed.

 Personally, I like to use them at baseball games. I am a baseball fan and enjoy going to the stadium to participate in the event. I have also learned that as I grow older my eyesight is getting dimmer and easily blurred. So along go the my binoculars to compensate.

 At the ballpark, I like to view into my team’s dugout and watch the dynamics of team life. I especially enjoy following the players during the pregame warm-up exercises. The aid of the binoculars help me appreciate the game of baseball as a game of athletics, precision, finesse, hand-eye coordination, and patience.

  If I just picked up the binoculars, looked through them for two seconds, and set them down again, I would probably be disappointed. It takes patience, and observation skills to appreciate the game.  One doesn’t “rush through” a game of baseball; one “savors” the nuances of the game.

 Sometimes, I have to wait a while before I see what I want in the game through the binoculars. Sometimes the opposing team is ahead in the score and it appears that my team is losing. This does not bother me too terribly much, for I realize that there are nine innings in baseball during which anything can happen, and a hitting streak can break loose.

 I prefer not to look at it as my team is losing, but that we just haven’t won yet. I am happy when my team takes the lead, but sometimes I find that I have to wait a while. I have to be patient and not give up. I have to believe in my team’s ability to score runs.

 While I am waiting, I like to look through my binoculars and “people-watch”. I find other good things to see – like a man in the seats across the stadium eating popcorn; or a couple on the top deck stealing a kiss; or an excited kid reaching out to the linesman for a free foul ball that was hit by his hero.  Even if my team loses the game, I am satisfied by watching it, for the love of the game itself.

 Now, I said all that to say this…Jesus tells us that in the baseball game of life, we should always pray and not give up. To help us during those times He gives us the binoculars of faith and hope to grant us peace and to calm our soul.

 That’s important to learn because sometimes answers to prayer don’t happen right away or are not answered in the way that we might expect. The temptation may be to give up, but God wants us to keep trusting in Him.  

 As always, see you next time and have a great day!