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Jan. 20, 2020


"The Father has sent Me (Jesus) to heal the brokenhearted…'"

Luke 4:18


 Sometimes we can feel as if we are the only ones who suffer from a broken heart. The truth is that Jesus Christ didn’t die on the cross just because of the nails, and lance. He died of a broken heart over you and me. He loved us more than words could ever say. He died and rose again to heal the broken- hearted.

  At home I have an old copy of the Guinness Book of World Records. I am constantly amazed at the things people will do to get attention. The tallest hairdo is a "beehive" that is 6 1/2 feet high. The longest sermon on record is 120 hours long. The greatest omnivore is a guy who not only eats normal food, but glass and metal also. He has "eaten" 10  bicycles, a supermarket cart, 7 television sets, 6 chandeliers, and a Cessna light airplane!

 But, there is one world record holder that does not show up on the pages of the Guinness Book. He has His own record book called the Bible and His name is the Lord Jesus Christ. He holds the record on such awesome feats as best friend, greatest love, longest mercy, deepest forgiveness, most powerful miracles, exceptional sacrifice, giver of most blessings, and holder of the longest patience. His most notable triumph was His marathon event where He became Incarnate, died on a cross for our sins, rose again, ascended into heaven, defeated the devil, and became the both the Author and Finisher of our salvation.

 Christ's mission was to reveal God's love to His creation. The Apostle John caught sight of this. Matthew, Mark, and Luke, repeatedly report the things that Jesus did; while John wrote of the things that Jesus said. To John the teaching of Jesus overflowed with evidences of God's love.

 The Bible does not picture Jesus offering us a cheap love. Jesus said "Greater love has no man than this, than to lay down His life for His friends."  His was a sacrificial love that required discipline, obedience, determination and action. He did not get warm fuzzies contemplating His death on the cross. From then on He has become our substitute and go-between. He stands between us and the devil, between us and the angry world, and because He does,  we go free. Because of Him they may kill our bodies, but they can never destroy our spirit. The very gates of hell cannot stand against this kind of passion and love!

 Before Jesus Christ came into the world, no one ever dreamed of saying, "God loves." This is the greatest truth that human lips can declare. God proved it in that Christ Jesus shared fully - not partially, not almost - but entirely in all of our human experience. Every hurt, every ache, all the stress and strain, Jesus experienced - no exceptions.

 The good news is that the love of God can break through your broken-heartedness. Jesus knows how we feel! He knows your pain because He has felt the same. Just hold onto Jesus, for He’s holding on to you!  In our time of need we can ask Jesus to help us. He sympathizes with our weakness. He knows what it is like to live under pressure. Rejection? He felt it. Temptation? He knew it. Loneliness? He experienced it. Death? He tasted it. He did it all for us! So that when we hurt we can go to Him and He will gladly heal our broken hearts. Now that is something that we all can live with!

 As always see you next time and have a great day…