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Jun. 17, 2019



“Do not worry about tomorrow...

sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”

Matthew 6:34


 There is an old saying that goes like this... “Never trouble trouble, till trouble troubles you!”  To trouble" means agitate; rouse; turn on; charge;  excite; charge up among other things. So basically, the saying means that you should not disturb or agitate something that is potentially troublesome until it becomes troublesome to you. Because we live in a fallen world, and try as we may to live as careful and upright as we can, sometimes trouble comes knocking uninvited at our door and we have to deal with it.  There is another old saying worth mentioning here... “If you could kick the person responsible for most of your troubles in the backside, you wouldn't be able to sit down for two weeks.”

 Let us look at  2Chronicles 20: 1-27 to find out what to do when trouble troubles you. It is a the account of the Old Testament King Jehoshaphat. He was the fourth King of Judah and his name means “Jehovah has judged". Jehoshaphat was a righteous king who did righteous deeds for God and His people. Trouble came knocking at his door in the form war against a strong invading army of three enemy nations aligned together. He became afraid. Fear is neutral. It is a defense mechanism. It is what we do with that fear that counts.

 We can either surrender to it and become paralyzed and incapacitated by it; or we can take it to God and seek His help and solution. In Jehoshaphat’s case, his fear humbled him and drove him to the Lord in prayer for help.  He remembered God’s promises of deliverance and rescue from Israel’s enemies and encouraged himself in them. God spoke a word of victory through His prophet to Jehoshaphat. He looked to the God of the Promise for help. He believed it and showed up for the battle per God’s instructions. At times we are to act and do something. At other times we are to just show up for the battle and let God do the rest. God gave His people a praise song to occupy their mind and to build their faith. The song was given to strengthen and comfort the people while God acted. I had a friend who whistled in the dark when he was afraid. That song, that whistle, stirred his courage while he was in a fearsome place. They obeyed God by showing up for life and standing firm against the trouble. As they began to sing, God set confusion and ambushes among the enemy who ended up destroying themselves. Listen, our problems are not too big for God! At the end of every trial endured is a blessing! Just like the Tootsie Roll Pop that has a delicious chewy center on inside, once you get past the hard candy outer shell.

 What can we learn from this encounter with Jehoshaphat?  Because we live in a fallen world, we have an enemy that opposes the Kingdom of God – Satan.  As such we are in a spiritual war whether we like it or not. We may be concerned with what life throws at us. But we are to realize that we are not alone. God is on our side and is more powerful that Satan’s attacks. It is what we do with our fear that matters. We are to take it to the Lord and seek His help and solutions.  We are to encourage ourselves in His promises to us, and “amen” them.   As we wait, God will give us a song to encourage our heart. We are to just show up and stay the course. He will do the rest.  He fights the battle and eliminates the problem, providing both victory and blessing for us.

 So my friends, here is some free advice that should be good news to your soul:  “When trouble comes knocking at your door, let Jesus answer it!”  He knows how to trouble the trouble that comes your way.

As always, see you next time and have a great day...